Plier? I hardly know 'er!

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Plier? I hardly know 'er!
Plier? I hardly know 'er!

You walk past a refrigerator that's rocking back and forth. You open the door and Yossarian falls out, gasping for air. Remember, kids, hiding in refrigerators will guarantee you'll win at hide-and-seek, but it's very dangerous. Only the coolest kids can survive it.

Once he gets his breath, you show him the pliers you stole from the gremlins. "Ah, good," he says, "you got my pliers back from those goons. Since the war's over, I'm not making war machines anymore, though. I'm going to become a wizard and go searching for the last unicorn. I'll give you some Meat for the pliers, though. They might come in handy. Pliers always do."

You pliantly hand over the pliers and collect your meat.

Meat.gifYou gain 1,500 Meat.

Occurs at The Junkyard (Post-War).



  • Yossarian's post-war-machine plan is a reference to Alan Arkin's role in The Last Unicorn. Alan Arkin played Yossarian in the film of Catch 22.
  • The title refers to (verb)-er? I hardly know her! jokes.