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This is a huge fork designed not for eating, but for pitching hay. Now that the modern era is upon us, and the total volume of people in the world is larger than the total volume of hay, it's only natural that the primary use of the pitchfork would change to that of a weapon.

Type: weapon (1-handed spear)
Damage: 8 - 15
Muscle Required: 22
Selling Price: 90 Meat.

Weapon Damage +7

(In-game plural: pitchforks)
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Item number: 1933
Description ID: 256796311
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Obtained From

The Haunted Gallery
guy with a pitchfork, and his wife


You fork <it> with the pitchfork for X damage. Thank goodness it wasn't a pitchspoon. WHAM! POW! SPLAT!
You pitch the pitchfork at <it>, forking it for X damage. SOCKO! WHAMMO! BAM!
You spear <it> with your pitchfork for X damage. Later, to balance things out, you're going to have to fork something with a spear. WHAMMO! BAM! WHACK!
You stab <it> with all three tines of your pitchfork for X damage, feeling briefly like the king of the sea. BAM! BIFF! POW!
You stab <it> with your pitchfork. Hay! That did X damage! BOOF! WHACK! WHAM!


  • This item had a damage value of 13-25, requirement of 47 Muscle, autosell value of 130 Meat, and gave Weapon Damage +9 prior to the Spookyraven Manor revamp on May 15th, 2014.


  • "The King of the Sea" is likely King Triton, the mermaid-esque King of the Sea in Greek Mythology, and son of the god Poseidon. He's commonly known for his trident weapon, which resembles a pitchfork.
  • The "thank goodness it wasn't a pitchspoon" refers to the sexual act of spooning.
  • The "thank goodness it wasn't a pitchspoon" may also refer to the Dilbert character Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light, whose symbol of office is an enormous spoon (referred to as a "pitchspoon" in several strips).

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