Peppermint sprout

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peppermint sprout
peppermint sprout

This is an adorable little candy cane seedling, plucked from the ground before it ever got to know its first bird or bee.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: peppermint sprouts)
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Item number: 5395
Description ID: 691356968
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Obtained From

The Campground
A Peppermint Patch
Cincho de Mayo

When Used

  • From inventory (single use):
Pep sprout.gif
You stretch the peppermint sprout out and twist it.
Pep twist.gifYou acquire an item: peppermint twist
  • Using 2:
Pep sprout.gif
You mash two peppermint sprouts together and flatten them into a patty.
Pep patty.gifYou acquire an item: peppermint patty
  • Using 3:
Pep sprout.gif
You roll three sprouts up into a long ropy shape, then bend it into a shepherd's crook before it hardens.
Pep crook.gifYou acquire an item: peppermint crook
  • Using 10:
Pep sprout.gif
Using your legs as a mold, you craft a pair of peppermint pants.
Pep pants.gifYou acquire an item: cane-mail pants
  • Using 11:
Pep sprout.gif
You manage to sculpt a pretty convincing-looking baby rhinocerous.
Pep rhinobaby.gifYou acquire an item: peppermint rhino baby
Pep sprout.gif
You fashion a big pile of sprouts into a big pile of shirt.
Pep shirt.gifYou acquire an item: cane-mail shirt
  • Otherwise:
Pep sprout.gif
You try to figure out how to make something out of X peppermint sprouts, but you just can't do it.


  • You need 42 sprouts to get every recipe


  • The item description alludes to the sprout not having grown up to have learned about the birds and the bees, an English phrase often used to help describe how babies are made.

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