Parenthetical Advisory

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Parenthetical Advisory
Parenthetical Advisory

At the bottom of the Greater-Than Sign, you encounter a room with a large left parenthesis in it.

You're unsure what to do with it, so you start dancing in front of it. The parenthesis doesn't respond favorably, or in fact do anything at all, but at least you got some dancing practice...

You gain 7 Roguishness.

Occurred at The Enormous Greater-Than Sign.


  • In NetHack, a left parenthesis represents a tool or a useful item.
  • "Parenthetical Advisory" is a pun on "Parental Advisory" a warning label on material that the RIAA considers could cause offense.
  • The novel House of Stairs by William Sleator also features dancing before inanimate objects in a stair-heavy environment.