Paranormal ricotta

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Now a thrall xp item

paranormal ricotta
paranormal ricotta

This is a shimmering blob of ricotta cheese, only instead of milk, it's made with ectoplasm. Which has some of the same properties of milk, you know, so you can still make cheese with it, it's just ghost . . . cheese . . .bah. Anyway, it looks a lot like tasty, tasty brrrains -- that must be why the zmobie was carrying it.

Man, if only this were a paranormal regatta, instead. That'd be way easier to describe. "This is a bunch of ships crewed by ghosts, and they're about to race." See? Easy.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 300 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Only Pastamancers may use this item.

(In-game plural: blobs of paranormal ricotta)
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Item number: 3784
Description ID: 891376534
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Obtained From

The Defiled Alcove
corpulent zobmie
grave rober zmobie
The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt)
corpulent zobmie
grave rober zmobie

When Used

You hold the paranormal ricotta tightly in your fist. Then you catch it with your other hand as it squeezes through your fingers in a thoroughly disgusting fashion, and hold it in your cupped hands. Once you're sure it's not going to ooze through your fingers again, you close your eyes and meditate, guiding your spirit to the astral plane (after waiting in the tedious astral security line and removing your astral shoes for the astral metal detector). "Ohhhhhm," you chant. "Ohhhhm on the rrraaaange. . ."

"Brrrrraaaains?" A voice says.

"No, I said 'range,'" you say. "It was a meditation joke. Never mind. I don't have a corporeal body on this astral plane, so I don't have any brrrraaaains right now."

"Brrrraaaains?" the voice says again.

"No, no brrraaaains here. It's like Congress, amirite?"


"Okay, I'll tell you what," you say. "if I give you a corporeal form, will you inhabit it and do my bidding? Then you can have some brrraaaains. What do you say?"


"Good, then, it's settled. What should I call you when I summon you?"


"Okay. See you on the other side, <name>."

Using this item will sever your connection with <name>. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Otherwise:
You have no idea what to do with this thing.


  • Allows you to establish a connection with a lasagmbie.

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