Papier-mâché trophy piñata

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papier-mâché trophy piñata
papier-mâché trophy piñata

And the award for best piñata goes to... this!

Type: usable
Selling Price: 1000 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: papier-mâché trophy piñatas)
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Item number: 5877
Description ID: 883655433
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Obtained From

papier-mâché bowl (with a papier-mâché plaque, 2 papier-mâché handles, and a papier-mâché base in your inventory)

When Used

You hold the trophy above your head triumphantly, then break it open with your forehead. The crowd roars as candy rains down upon you...
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:]]


  • You will receive 50 pieces of candy in total. It is unlikely you will gain more than four pieces of any one type, although rare drops of five have been reported.
  • You need 277 papier-mâché globs to complete this trophy.
  • Using this item makes you eligible for the Papier Than Thou trophy.


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