Palm-frond capris

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palm-frond capris
palm-frond capris

If you find that a grass skirt is too subtle and fashionable a choice for girding your loins, then these capri pants ought to be your cup of meat. They're not only too long to be shorts, but they're also too short to be pants, and on top of that they're made of woven palm fronds, which is kind of like having a shield made out of wicker. Oh, you *do* have a shield made out of wicker? Never mind then, carry on.

Type: pants
Power: 140
Moxie Required: 55
Outfit: Palmist Paraphernalia
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 145 Meat.

Moxie +4
Maximum HP/MP +30

(In-game plural: palm-frond capricious)
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Item number: 2609
Description ID: 519295181
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Palmfrond.gif 5 palm fronds
Equals.gif palm-frond capris


  • These pants can break, possibly on critical hits by opponent, with the message:
You split the seam in your capris, and they subsequently disintegrate. Dangit!


  • The description refers to the wicker shield, which is an actual item in the game too.

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