One Simple Nightstand

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One Simple Nightstand
One Simple Nightstand

Having beaten it until it simply stopped moving, you cautiously approach the nightstand.

Check the top drawer

You open the top drawer of the nightstand and find an old wallet. Score!

Wallet.gifYou acquire an item: old leather wallet

Check the bottom drawer

You open the second drawer of the nightstand, and find a strange, antique-looking grip exerciser. Lord Spookyraven must've used this to strengthen his grip so he could more effectively... er... read books... and groom pets?

Anyway. You work out with it for a while, but it's all rusty and decayed, and it crumbles into powder. Your grip does feel stronger, though.

You gain X Strongness.

Gives approximately 1x mainstat, capped at ??

Use a ghost key

You stick the ghost key into the space between the now-dead nightstand and the spirit that once inhabited it. As the key turns, you experience an entire lifetime's worth of memories -- loves, losses, but mostly squats and pushups. It's kind of a boring lifetime. As the key concludes its arc, it vanishes as you snap back to reality.

You gain 200 Fortitude.

Ignore it

You decline to investigate the nightstand.

Occurs after defeating a Wardröb nightstand in The Haunted Bedroom.