One Day in the Life

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One Day in the Life
One Day in the Life

"Hey, you!" says one of the Bugbear trainers, as you approach the Pen in disguise.

"Ivan! Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you! Get back to work!"

Before you can remove your costume and explain that you're not really a bugbear, you're forced at whippoint into a chain gang of bugbears, and spend the rest of the day learning how to break rocks apart with your claws and carrying anvils back and forth between two buildings.

What a horrible experience. You emerge with a newfound respect and sympathy for bugbears.

AdventuresYou lose 10 Adventures.

Occurs at The Bugbear Pens (post-Felonia).


  • Only occurs once per ascension. Will not appear if you have already received The Bugbear Baker adventure.
  • Only occurs while wearing the Bugbear Costume.
  • If you have ascended under a Muscle sign, gives access to the Let My Bugbears Go! trophy.
  • If you get this adventure with fewer than 10 adventures remaining, it only reduces your number of remaining adventures to zero.