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You meet Jill at the bar, and see she's changed into a stunning cocktail dress. "So," she says, "here we are."

"Wherever we go, here we are, baby," you say, and wince.

"Now I can show you the sixth element. I can show you my kitty."

"Um . . ." but before you can say anything, Jill reaches under her dress and pulls out an adorable kitten. "This is it," she says, "the Sixth Element. I, the Supreme Being Jill, have created it from nothing. Now let there be six: hot, cold, sleaze, stench, spooky, and cute."

"CUTE? No way. I don't believe it," you say.

"Lay your rod on my kitty and you will see," she says, portentuously. Then you both have a hearty chuckle.

Whip Out Your Rod
  • Without the five elemental essences

Jill smiles at you, and you feel your knees turn to lemon custard. Before you can say anything, though, a voice interrupts you. It kind of sounds like a cowboy with ill-fitting dentures, and it says, "Not sho fasht! Yew don't have all five of the other elementsh yet! Not one, or two, or three, but five other elementsh!"

You spin around and see the voice is coming from a most strange-looking man. Half of his head is bald, and the other half sports an oily sheaf of hair that falls over his eyes. He has a soul patch, a rubber-and-leather outfit, and one giant metal foot.

"Wow, you look like an interesting character," you say. "Who are you?"

"I'm the villain, of courshe. Well, I'll be going now."

"But wait -- you're just showing up now? And giving me some useful information? And we don't even fight? Weak. Jill, I'm going to look for the missing elements. I'll meet up with you when I find them."

You stomp off, Rod at the ready (heh heh).

  • With all five essences:

You pull out the Ruby Rod and place it on the kitten's forehead. The Rod says, "omigod, Decken, man, this kitten so cute, so green, omigod, listen, man, omigod!" The kitten looks up with soulful, glistening eyes, says, "Mew?", and disappears in a puff of smoke, its essence absorbed into the Rod.

A tiny, adorable disc pops out of the Rod's base.

Jill smiles at you, and you feel your knees turn into strawberry jam. "It is time now, Decken! Follow me!" she says, and takes off running down the corridor."

"Damn it!" you say, and chase after her.

Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of cute

Occurs at Seaside Megalopolis.