Numbers Station Puzzle

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This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to ruin your own fun, start here.

The Coherent Static NPC broadcasts numbers in certain frequencies of the /talkie chat channel.

Observed Chat

A single number or word is spoken every ten to fifteen seconds. It always spells out the same sentence and then gives another frequency. The frequencies it broadcasts are randomly chosen.


"twenty eight five fourteen five twenty-four twenty twelve five twenty twenty five eighteen twenty-five fifteen twenty-one one eighteen five nineteen five five eleven nine fourteen seven nine nineteen [letter] [number] [number] [number] [number] point [number]"

Numerically, this is "20 8 5 14 5 24 20 12 5 20 20 5 18 25 15 21 1 18 5 19 5 5 11 9 14 7 9 19 Y X X X X . X".

With A=1, B=2, ... Z=26, on the first part of the message, this works out to be:


The [frequency] is the next frequency that Coherent Static will jump to, and [letter] is the next letter of the message.


If one finds Coherent Static and follows them from the numbers it gives you, keeping track of the letters, it is discovered that it spells out the following message, on loop:


Which, with spaces added, goes to:

Gather and use one hundred and sixty nine dubious peppermints

Following that instruction leads to the creation of the numberwang accessory.


  • The name given to this puzzle refers to real-world numbers stations, which frequently broadcast messages of similar form.

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