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You have a foam dart stuck to you. It seems to be sucking your will to live, or at least your will to be at your best. The only thing it's not sucking is your will to infringe on trademarks.

Less powerful than you were before

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Effect number: 498
Description ID: ac71a37dd7aa84f5c0ea96a0ec07d7bf
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  • When you attack a monster, Nerf'd causes the following text to appear:
You feel like you'd have done a lot more damage if you didn't have this stupid foam dart stuck to you.
  • At end of combat you sometimes receive this message:
You see a <item the monster may have dropped> lying on the ground, but you're unable to pick it up because of the foam dart stuck to you.
  • This effect only adds messages to combat. It does not actually cause a reduction in damage dealt or items that you would have normally received.


  • NERF brand toys are made of soft foam.
  • Nerfing is the practice of making an item or effect less powerful.
  • "Sucking your will to live" is a reference to Wayne's World.
  • The fact that it does nothing is probably a subtle comment from Jick & Co. on Nerfings, and player reactions.

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