Motivational poster

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motivational poster
motivational poster

This is a poster that depicts an adorable kitten hanging from a tree, desperately clinging to life with the tips of its claws, the anguish on its face making it clear it's about to plunge to its doom.

The caption, of course, says, "You Want it WHEN?"

Type: potion
Effect: Loco Motives (10 Adventures)Weapon Damage +10
+10% Combat Initiative

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: motivational posters)
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Item number: 4889
Description ID: 585927462
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Obtained From

Stores (as gift)
CRIMBCO Gift Shop (20 CRIMBCO scrip)

When Used

You take the appropriate action, which is to rip the motivational poster to shreds in a fit of rage.
Motiposter.gifYou acquire an effect: Loco Motives
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • The cat poster is supposed to say "Hang in there." If you like your posters to feature correlating images and text, that is. "You Want it WHEN?" should have a cartoon character rolling on the floor in laughter.


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