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In the Kingdom, mining is a mini-game which allows adventurers with appropriate equipment to, well, mine for certain raw materials.

Rules of mining

Each mining mini-game follows the following rules:

  • Each section of a cavern wall consists of a 6x6 grid of squares, open at the bottom.
  • Only squares adjacent to an open section of mine can be excavated
  • Excavating a single chunk of wall costs one or more adventures, depending on the mine in question. There are, however, ways of removing this cost:
    • minin' dynamite in your inventory will be consumed to mine unsparkly squares turn-free. This takes precedence over Unaccompanied Miner, if applicable.
    • The passive skill Unaccompanied Miner allows you to mine any five squares turn-free each day. This takes precedence over Loded.
    • The effect Loded allows you to mine any square turn-free. The effect ticks down by one for each time you mine.
  • The player can at any time choose to abandon the currently-mined wall and start working on a new one from scratch. This action is irreversible and does not cost any adventures.
  • Certain chunks of a wall, identifiable by a distinct twinkle, are marked as "promising".
    • Excavating such chunks is guaranteed to yield some results (see below).
    • On the other hand, mining ordinary chunks of a wall normally does nothing except granting access to further squares.
    • By default, only "promising" squares accessible for immediate mining will ever twinkle.
    • With the Dwarvish War Uniform or Object Detection, all the "promising" squares will twinkle.
  • The following can happen when a promising chunk of a wall is excavated:
    • causing a cave-in, taking a significant amount of HP and inflicting four turns of Beaten Up if it is brought down to zero;
    • finding a piece of mine-specific minor loot;
    • finding a piece of mine-specific major loot.
  • Each wall contains four pieces of each kind of major loot available at this particular mine.
  • Squares containing a specific kind of major loot are always contiguous.
  • Major loot never appears in the bottom two rows of a wall and only infrequently in the third one.
  • You cannot mine while falling-down drunk (not even with unused charges of Unaccompanied Miner).

Existing mines

Retired mines

External Links

As mining for ore at the Itznotyerzitz Mine is an integral part of a (hardcore) run, the mine in question has been quite exhaustively spaded. Available resources include: