Meet Frank

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Meet Frank
Meet Frank

You bolt awake.

"Whoah!" says a nasal voice from behind you. "You survived!"

"I... survived?" you say, the fog of what feels like years of sleep still mucking up your brainworks. You turn around to see who you're talking to, and it turns out to be -- AAAAAH! -- a creepy floating skull.

"Hey now, take it easy there Boss. I'm a friend. Name's Frank."

"Well let me be frank, too -- what the hell is going on here? How did I get here, and why am I talking to a skull from New Jersey?"

"Hey, lay off the accent, Chief. I am what I am. And what's going on is that you survived her trap! Normally people don't wake up from that. I only barely lived, myself, if you can call this livin'."

This has happened before?

Meet Frank
Meet Frank

"Oh yeah. I been watchin' this process for, oh, about four thousand years, I'd say."

"Wait a second," you reply, astonished. "The Council said the king was imprismed right before I got here. How can the Sorceress have been here for four thousand years?"

"The Council?" exclaims Frank. "That corrupt buncha clowns is runnin' the show now? Jeez, no wonder nobody survives this."

"Get to the point, Frank. Has the Sorceress really been here for thousands of years?"

"Well, she has and she hasn't. Time's weird here, and lemme tell you, it gets even weirder when you're 95% dead. But that's not important. What's important is that you're here now, and you survived with more of your bits intact than I did. Maybe together we can finish the job."

"What job is that?"

"Same job as always, Boss. Put an end to the Sorceress' reign of terror. Free the king. I got a good feeling about you and me. I studied for years, y'know. Memorized almost everything about this place. You need answers, I'm your guy. You need muscle? Well, no can do, Chief."

"Okay then. What's next?"

Frank bobs his head toward the hedge maze in front of you.

Let's do it, Frank.

Returns to The Naughty Sorceress' Tower and unlocks The Hedge Maze.

Occurs at the Coronation Courtyard in The Naughty Sorceress' Tower, via Closing Ceremony.