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Meat is the currency used in the Kingdom of Loathing. It can be used to purchase items from the various markets and shops, or to purchase items from other players. It is also used to create meat pastes, meat stacks, and dense meat stacks. You'll gain meat from combat and regular adventures throughout the kingdom. A wise player keeps his mind on their Meat, and his Meat on his mind. Replace all instances of "his" in the previous sentence with "his or her," if you're the kind of person who's bothered by that sort of thing.

Meat is necessary to complete some quests: bitchin' meatcar components (sweet rims cost 300) or a bus pass (5,000) are needed to get to Desert Beach, forged identification documents (5,000) and a shore trip (500 and 3 adventures) are needed to get your father's MacGuffin diary, and a photograph of a red nugget (500) and photograph of God (500) in order to fight Dr.Awkward. Other items are not strictly necessary for quests, but are very helpful for doing them quickly or skipping them: a hermit permit (100) and chewing gums on strings (50 each) in order to get clovers, a spooky sapling (100), two more shore trips (500 and 3 adventures each) for dinghy plans and a UV-resistant compass, dingy planks (400), a can of black paint, and two fortune cookies every 160 adventures (40 apiece). New players will spend most of their meat on guild skills in an ascension, while old players who've got all the skills will splurge on MP restorers to maintain various buffs. Monsters in some zones are meatier than others, so putting on +meat equipment while adventuring there can ensure a smart player doesn't waste time farming it in-run Some players farm meat in aftercore, so it can be pulled in softcore (max 1,100 per day , as of 01 Jan 2022), in order to buy content unlockers or for the sheer joy of it.

It is not edible (no one in their right mind would eat money) so most food in the kingdom is meat-free. Exceptions do exist, like sausage and fish meats. Why? Well, why not?

According to Jick, the reason why Meat is the currency of KoL is that, when he was developing the game, he did not have a picture of "gold" uploaded. However, there was a picture of meat he made earlier, so he used it instead. It is suspected that it was to get rid of the illogical "finding money on a monster".



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