Maps and Legends

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Maps and Legends
Maps and Legends

In a clearing in the Spooky Forest, you find a roughly-hewn monolith. You hear strains of timpani as you gaze at its surface.

Chiseled into it is what appears to be a map leading to a giant X. You get excited about the prospect of seeing the world's largest X, but then notice the legend at the bottom, which explains that the X represents the location of the legendary Hidden Temple.

If you wanted to look for the Temple, it'd be pretty easy to make a copy of the map to take with you. Whaddya say?

Make a copy of the map

You quickly make some paper out of a nearby tree, and some ink out of a nearby... umm... squirrel. You make a copy of the map and stick it in your pocket.

Map.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Temple map

Ignore the monolith

You ignore the monolith. Maybe if it had been a polylith you would've been more interested.

Hit a monkey with a bone

You wander around the Forest for a while looking for a monkey to hit with a bone, but you can't find one. You get bored and stop looking.

Occurred at The Spooky Forest.


  • Not getting the map did not use an adventure.
  • Choosing to ignore the monolith caused this adventure to stop occurring for the day.


  • The part about getting ink from a squirrel is in reference to the October 2, 2006 Jick and Skullhead radio show, in which Jick explained that he got the ink to write the channel Veteran invite messages from the bladders of squirrels.
  • The monolith, the timpani, and the option to hit a monkey with a bone are all references to the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The phrase "legendary Hidden Temple" likely refers to the 90's Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  • The monolith and drawings on it refer to the turn-based strategy game series Heroes of Might and Magic. In the game, monoliths are sometimes scattered across the map and finding all of them would give you access to a wonderful treasure.
  • The title "Maps and Legends" refers to the R.E.M. song of that name on the album Fables of the Reconstruction.