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It's Oyster Egg Day!
The Enchanted Flying Oyster came last night and hid his magical eggs all over the Kingdom!

Grab a basket at the Market and go egg-hunting!

Today's Featured Article:

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So You'd Like To:

The Smelliest Place on Earth [April 2015 IotM]

Come one, come all boys and girls, to Dinseylandfill, the smelliest place on earth! A theme park crossed with a trash dump, this month's new Mr. Store special will take you on a journey of magical adventure and stench. Head to the airport today and charter your flight to a land of smelly wonders, where attractions such as Barf Mountain and Pirates of the Garbage Barges await. To discuss this new zone and item, please visit the official forums of loathing forum discussion thread! [link dead because forums are down]


Today in KoL History:

2006: We've done a minor revamp of the Accordion Thief skills. Some underpowered, unpopular and underutilized ones were made better, and a few of them were reordered and/or had their MP costs changed.

2006: Items in NPC stores with the same price are now sorted by name, and should stop randomly changing order.

2004: I'm still reviewing my options as far as what to do about the massive influx of bugmeat and duped items. Thanks to everybody who has offered suggestions, and please know that I'm trying to figure out a way to solve this with the least possible negative impact on the innocent. It might be a few days before I arrive at any conclusions about what to do, but I feel that the current economic problems are not too high of a price to pay to avoid making a hasty decision that might have horrible unforseen consequences.

Rest assured that one way or another, things will get squared away.

UPDATE: Mall Store owners can now specify a daily per-person limit on individual items for sale. This should make it a little easier to lower your prices without having to worry about being completely bought out by people reselling your stuff at a profit.

In unrelated news, the Penguin Mafia has begun ramping up their operations in other areas of the Kingdom. Tensions are running high as the council tries to come up with a plan of action.

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