Madeline's Baking Supply

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Madeline's Baking Supply

Madeline Harkness runs Madeline's Baking Supply in Market Square after you "rescue" her from Madness Bakery. The store carries the same merchandise as The Bugbear Bakery, but at a reduced price and with no need for a disguise.

Madeline Harkness Madeline Harkness

"Welcome to Madeline's Baking Supply, where I just sell you stuff and don't have to bake anything and everything is great!"

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Pietin.gif Gnollish pie tin 25 Meat
Dough.gif wad of dough 40 Meat
Sharpstick.gif skewer 60 Meat
Tacoshell.gif taco shell 60 Meat
Cdish.gif Gnollish casserole dish 100 Meat
Rollingpin.gif rolling pin 400 Meat
Unrolling.gif unrolling pin 400 Meat