Mad Sliemce

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Mad Sliemce is accessed by using any color of slime glob.

Dr. Harold Deekins

A weird, bespectacled little man in a stained lab coat runs up to you. "Is that... slime?" he says with giddy glee. "Please, allow me to assist you! I am a noted sliemtist, you know!"

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Eplasmknucks.gif slime knuckles Vglob3.gif 1 Vglob2.gif 50 Vglob1.gif 20
Eplasmhat.gif slime fedora Vglob3.gif 1 Vglob2.gif 100 Vglob1.gif 10
Eplasmboots.gif slime waders Vglob3.gif 1 Vglob2.gif 10 Vglob1.gif 30
You have:
Vglob3.gif X black slime globs
Vglob2.gif X orange slime globs
Vglob1.gif X green slime globs


  • Items purchased are preceded by the message:
Dr. Deekins helps you mix the slime and harden it into a useful form, giggling manically the entire time.