Los chinos

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los chinos
los chinos

These are pants previously worn by a LumberJuan. As they say, "Chinos cover your chones." Seriously. I heard them say that once.

Type: pants
Power: 55
Moxie Required: 12
Outfit: OK Lumberjack Outfit
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 60 Meat.

Damage Absorption +20

(In-game plural: pairs of los chinos)
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Item number: 884
Description ID: 733635174
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Obtained From

Camp Logging Camp


  • There is no Spanish letter that sounds like the English J, the closest they can get is a ch sound, so "los chinos" is basically Spanish for jeans (although "los bluejeans" is the word that is actually used)
  • Chones are underwear.

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