Left parenthesis

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left parenthesis
left parenthesis

This looks like a left parenthesis. You're not exactly sure what it's for.

Selling Price: 50 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: left parentheses)
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Item number: 4552
Description ID: 495591261
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Obtained From

The Enormous Greater-Than Sign
lowercase B
lowercase H
lowercase K
Uppercase Q
Typographical Clutter


  • May either be a small box (~40%), large box (~50%), or magic whistle (~10%).
  • Its identity is only determined when you read the plus sign. This means that a greater-than sign monster can drop a parenthesis that turns into something the corresponding Dungeons of Doom monster couldn't have dropped. For example, parentheses dropped by the lowercase B have a 90% chance of turning into boxes, even though the acid blob only drops magic whistles.


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