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LT&T Office
LT&T Office
  • If you haven't accepted a quest:
An old-timey looking man with a vest and pince-nez glasses looks up as you approach. "Got three telegrams waiting for you, <Sir/Madam>!"
NOTE: Reading one of these telegrams will begin a quest to help the person who sent the telegram.
  • If you're currently on a quest:
You're already in the middle of investigating a telegram, and anyway the clerk's window is shuttered. Looks like telegraph operator's hours are even shorter than banker's hours!
  • If you've already accepted a telegram today:
The clerk's window is still shuttered. You dig through the filing cabinet and read the fine print on the clerk's contract -- apparently LT&T only pays him enough to deliver one telegram a day!
You'll have to pay his overtime if you want another telegram today.
  • If you've completed a quest using an inflatable office today:
The clerk's window is still shuttered, and... sagging a little. The whole office looks kinda deflated.
  • On first visit in an ascension, if you used a real telegraph deed and not an inflatable one:
The clerk says "Ah, <Madam/Sir>, you left your boots here." He gestures to a pair of boots next to the door. Apparently you had some cowboy boots that you forgot about!
Cowboyboots.gifYou acquire an item: your cowboy boots
You find some loose change in one of the boots.
Buffdime.gifYou acquire 3 buffalo dimes

1 of the following 3:

RE: Missing: Fancy Man  (Easy)
RE: Help! Desperados!  (Easy)
RE: Missing: Pioneer Daughter  (Easy)

1 of the following 3:

RE: Big Gambling Tournament Announced  (Moderate)
RE: Haunted Boneyard  (Moderate)
RE: Sherriff Wanted  (Moderate)

1 of the following 3:

RE: Madness at the Mine  (Hard)
RE: Missing: Many Children  (Hard)
RE: Wagon Train Escort Wanted  (Hard)

The clerk hands you the telegram.

Lttgram.gifYou acquire an item: plaintive telegram

You can read it now or read it later from your inventory.

After you have already completed the daily free quest:

Pay overtime (1,000 meat)

You pay the clerk overtime and unlock a new set of quests.

Meat.gifYou lose some order of magnitude of 1,000 Meat.

'If you currently have a telegram quest in progress:

Abandon your current telegram

No text, reloads encounter.

Check out the Gift Shop

Occurs at Right Side of the Tracks, after using a LT&T telegraph office deed.


  • The LT&T Office offers a choice of three quests sending you to investigate the Wild West. One quest of each difficulty level is offered at a time.
  • If you complete or abandon a quest you'll be given a new quest of the same difficulty level to replace it. As of an update on February 7, 2016, you will not be given the same quest twice in a row. Ascension will re-roll all 3 quests with possible duplicates.
  • If you have access to this place via the inflatable LT&T telegraph office and abandon your quest, then you won't be able to re-select. You'll have effectively wasted your item.
  • The first quest taken per day is free, but you must pay meat to accept additional quests per day. Once you pay overtime, the clerk will again offer a selection of three quests. If you complete a quest opened from a previous rollover, it will not count towards the daily free quest nor increment overtime fee.
    • The first overtime fee is 1,000 meat, the next at 10,000 meat, and so on, with each subsequent fee increasing by a factor of 10. This resets on rollover or ascension. Since meat on hand is capped at 4,294,967,295 due to Black Sunday, this effectively caps the maximum number of overtime quests per day at 7 (the 8th would cost 10 billion).
    • You can keep a quest past rollover. In such a case it will not count against the next day's allotment.
  • While overdrunk, you can still get telegrams to unlock quests, but they cannot be used because you will just end up spending an adventure in a drunken stupor.
  • The following day after you use an inflatable office, attempting to accept the quest destroys the building:
You reach for the telegram, but accidentally pop the building and are left staring at a puddle of deflated canvas where your temporary telegraph office once was.