L.O.V. Emporium

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L.O.V. Emporium
L.O.V. Emporium

You finally see a sign directing you to the exit of this crazy place, but like all exits you have to go through the gift shop to get there. The L.O.V. Emporium features stacks of souvenir-type items that at first glance look fairly typical, but on second glance... hmm.

A robot clerk notices you looking around, and says "Thank you for visiting the Low Orbit Vehicle! Please select an item of your choice as our complimentary gift to you."

You hear a kachunk sound and look behind the robot, where you see a small coffee pot and a toaster that has just ejected two slices of toast. <name> quivers slightly.

Take a boomerang Loveboomerang.gif

You select a sci-fi-looking boomerang, which is labelled "ENAMORANG" for some reason.

Loveboomerang.gifYou acquire an item: LOV Enamorang

Take a toy dart gun Ancientdart.gif

You select a toy dart gun. It has a warning on it that says "DO NOT SHOOT INTO EYE OR LYMPH NODE".

Ancientdart.gifYou acquire an item: LOV Emotionizer

Take the chocolate Choco.gif

You pick up a little packet of chocolate, wondering if space chocolate tastes any different from regular chocolate. (SPOILER: it doesn't.)

Choco.gifYou acquire an item: LOV Extraterrestrial Chocolate

Take the flowers Bouquet.gif

You take a bouquet of flowers. Maybe if you're very lucky they'll even survive the trip back down.

Bouquet.gifYou acquire an item: LOV Echinacea Bouquet

Take the plush elephant Pl elephant.gif

You take a cute elephant plushie, since it seems less likely to be destroyed by accelerational g-forces than anything else here, including yourself.

Pl elephant.gifYou acquire an item: LOV Elephant

Take the toast? Toast.gif

"What?" says the robot. "But that's my breakfast... oh well, I can make some more, I guess. Weird choice, though." He wraps the toast in a paper napkin and hands it to you.

Toast.gifYou acquire 2 pieces of toast

Take nothing

Occurs after L.O.V. Elbow Room.