Kung-Fu Hustler

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Kung-Fu Hustler
Kung-Fu Hustler

As you ponder the cards in front of you, you find your attention wandering. Your teachers never proscribed gambling as dishonorable, and it was never mentioned specifically when you took your vow of poverty, but you feel like you're on kind of dubious ground. Maybe it's okay, so long as you don't win anything?

And then the man across the table grumbles, "Well, I'm all outta meat, but I got this antique scroll from foreign parts what I found in my granny's attic." He throws a yellowed parchment scroll onto the table. You instantly recognize the wax seal as bearing the symbol of the Way of the Surprising Fist.

"All in," you say, pushing your chips forward.

Wosp scroll i.gifYou acquire an item: Teachings of the Fist

Occurs in The Poker Room


  • The kanji on the scroll means "root", "man", and "big". If you reverse the order, it means "big penis" since "man-root"/男根 is "penis".