Kobold kibble

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kobold kibble
kobold kibble

This is the stuff that kobolds eat when they don't have any adventurers to tear limb from limb. It contains no actual adventurer, but it is adventurer-flavored.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: The Kobold and the Kobeautiful (50 Adventures)Makes you look like a large kobold

(In-game plural: handfuls of kobold kibble)
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Item number: 5816
Description ID: 873527872
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Obtained From

The Dungeons of Doom
large kobold

When Used

Float pebbles.gif
You eat the kobold kibble. It makes you feel a little kobold yourself, if I may be sobold as to say so.
Float pebbles.gifYou acquire an effect: The Kobold and the Kobeautiful
(duration: 50 Adventures)


  • Only drops to players with Monster Manuel installed in their Quest Log.


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