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This is a device that collects biometric data and collates it into frequency data for a sophisticated locking system employed on the bugbear mothership. Your mother always said that if you killed enough monsters, doors would start to open for you.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: key-o-trons)
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Item number: 5653
Description ID: 335730473
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Obtained From

BURT (5 BURTs (Reynolds))

When Used

You look at the key-o-tron. It detects your gaze, and displays the following information on its screen:
Medbay: X/3 bio-data segments collected
Waste Processing: X/3 bio-data segments collected
Sonar: X/3 bio-data segments collected
Science Lab: X/6 bio-data segments collected
Morgue: X/6 bio-data segments collected
Special Ops: X/6 bio-data segments collected
Engineering: X/9 bio-data segments collected
Navigation: X/9 bio-data segments collected
Galley: X/9 bio-data segments collected


  • The number of bio-data segments collected changes depending on how many bugbears of each type have been defeated.
  • Once enough bio-data segments have been collected, the corresponding zone will be unlocked inside of the Bugbear Mothership.
  • The skill Release the Boots does not prevent biometric data from being collected.
  • When you have this item and defeat a wandering bugbear (where X is the number of bio-data you have now collected, counting the one you just received):
    Keyotron.gif Your key-o-tron emits X short tone[s], indicating that it has successfully processed biometric data from this subject.
  • If you have already collected enough biodata:
    Keyotron.gif Your key-o-tron emits a short buzz, indicating that it has already collected enough biometric data of this type.

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