Intragalactic rowboat

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intragalactic rowboat
intragalactic rowboat

This is a craft designed for intragalactic (planetary) travel. Of course, pretty much every vehicle is designed for intragalactic travel. Let's differentiate this one by saying it's designed for intragalactic travel... in space.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: intragalactic rowboats)
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Item number: 653
Description ID: 126122919
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Wad.gif S.O.C.K. quantum egg
Equals.gif intragalactic rowboat


  • This item can no longer be made by new accounts and the newly ascended as of February 18th, 2013. Its functionality was replaced by the steam-powered model rocketship.
  • Allows you to reach The Hole in the Sky.
  • You gain a new accomplishment in your Quest Log: "You have found the Hole in the Sky."


  • In the description of this item, "intragalactic (planetary) travel", alludes to the refrain of the Beastie Boys song "Intergalactic", which contains the lyrics "Intergalactic planetary / Planetary intergalactic".
  • The joke is that intragalactic travel means travel within a single galaxy, as opposed to intergalactic travel which is travel between galaxies.
  • The shape of the of the Intragalatic Rowboat might be a reference to The Koopa Clown Car in Super Mario World.


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