Inspecting Some Packages, Heh Heh

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Inspecting Some Packages, Heh Heh
Inspecting Some Packages, Heh Heh

You finally battle your way through all the robots (who, to be fair, are probably just trying to do their jobs) and find a big stack of packages ready to be sent out. You sort through them, but there isn't one addressed to Melvign in this pile.

The mess you're making looking through the packages attracts one of the mover robots. Its headlamps blink on and off as it clanks over and regards the scene.

"PACKAGES DISORDERED," it says, ignoring you, and begins to sort them again. "PACKAGE DAMAGED," it says, holding up one you accidentally ripped in your haste. It tosses the package into a nearby trash can.

You wait until the 'bot has left, then grab the trashed package and pocket what's inside. I mean, it's not stealing if it's trash, right?

Capsule.gifYou acquire an item: Thinknerd Blind-Packed Toy

Occurs at The Thinknerd Warehouse.


  • Occurs on the 8th adventure in the zone.