Infinite BACON machine

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infinite BACON machine
infinite BACON machine

No, it isn't a hand-dryer. Look, the pictographic instructions are perfectly clear.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Generate 100 BACON per day

NOTE: Only one of these may be used per day.

(In-game plural: infinite BACON machines)
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Item number: 9025
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Obtained From

Internet Meme Shop (5,000 BACON)

When Used

  • First use per day:
As instructed, you 1) Push button 2) Receive bacon.


You push the button, and a stream of piping-hot greasy bacon falls into your hands. Such delicious burning.


You push the button, and bacon streams out of the device. Quite a lot of bacon. Some might say too much bacon but of course all internetizens know the very idea is nonsense.


You push the button, and obtain quite a lot of bacon. How does this thing even work? You'd open it up, except that would probably be killing the goose that laid the golden... bacon.

Jarl bacon.gifYou acquire 100 BACON
  • Subsequent uses each day:
You push the button, but nothing happens. I guess it takes time for the machine to fill back up.


You push the button, but nothing happens. I guess it need time to... regenerate the pig, or something.


Nothing happens when you push the button. No matter how many times you push it. Look, you can stop pushing now.


There is no more bacon in the machine today. I'm sorry. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Look, stop crying, please. Just wait.



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