Hobo-Flex Workout System

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Hobo-Flex Workout System

The Hobo-Flex Workout System is an optional furnishing for the Clan Rumpus Room's dusty corner. It may be purchased for 50,000 Meat. Adventures are spent in exchange for Muscle substat point gains. The amount of Muscle gained is dependent upon your primary stat.

The Hobo-Flex may be used when falling down drunk.

When "Used"

  • Before training:
This looks like the perfect device for improving your musculature.
  • After training:
You work it on out.
You gain X Muscleboundness.


  • X ranges from 3*M/20 to 3*M/10, where M is your unbuffed primary stat, capped at 100 (that is, the maximum range is 15 to 30 Fortitude).


  • The name refers to the Bowflex, a strength training machine.
  • The phrase, "Work it on out" as seen in both the button to use the bowflex and the description that follows, is a reference to the song, "Twist and Shout".