Hippo whip

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hippo whip
hippo whip

This is like a bullwhip, only made with hippo skin instead of bull skin. It's got hippo fingernails on the end, making it really, really painful. If you get hit with it, that is. It's not painful to look at, or anything.

Type: weapon (1-handed whip)
Damage: 2 - 4
Selling Price: 145 Meat.

+10 to Monster Level

(In-game plural: hippo whips)
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Item number: 1029
Description ID: 958962548
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Club.gif whip kit hippopotamus skin
Equals.gif hippo whip


The hippo whip makes a thick, meaty sound as it smacks across <it> for X damage. BONK! WHAMMO! ZAP!
You give <it> a fat, hearty smack with your hippo whip, for X damage. BARF! WHAM! SOCKO!

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