Hermedisiac cologne

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hermedisiac cologne
hermedisiac cologne

While most cologne puts people in the mood for romance, this stuff puts people in the mood to spend money.

Note that neither of these claims has been evaluated by any science or financial regulatory body.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: The Odor of Money (15 Adventures)Increases your ability to encourage Crimbo commerce

(In-game plural: bottles of hermedisiac cologne)
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Item number: 10684
Description ID: 278735478
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Obtained From

The Black and White and Red All Over Market (10,000 Meat)

When Used

You splash the entire bottle of cologne on your neck. The smell of it makes you want to immediately buy another bottle.
Stench.gifYou acquire an effect: The Odor of Money
(duration: 15 Adventures)


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