Hemp backpack

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hemp backpack
hemp backpack

This is a backpack made out of hemp, which was probably woven together by some filthy hippy. It's ugly, it smells awful, and the straps chafe your shoulders, but it's roomy. I guess they need lots of space for all of their drug paraphernalia and hacky sacks.

Type: back item
Mysticality Required: 75
Cannot be discarded

+2% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: hemp backpacks)
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Item number: 484
Description ID: 478166706
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Obtained From

Hacked Items


  • Although it never dropped in-game, it seems probable that it was intended to drop in The Hippy Camp. Whether as a monster drop or a non-combat adventure is not known.


  • The item was originally of the type "container", a slot which owes its existence to the time when Jick intended to implement Carrying Capacity; they have always been rare, but the entire slot was repurposed to become "back items" in July 2012.
  • This item originally had a "capacity: 300" (although, the mechanic having never been released, this never meant anything) before being changed in 2006 to be "+2% item drop".
  • This item originally could be autosold for 95 Meat.

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