Hammer Time

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Before you can get to the Sleazy Back Alley, a guy with a hammer walks up to you and says "Hey, man. It's hammer time!" You take pity on him. "All right, man," you say. "Stop. Collaborate, and listen to me. You've been telling that joke for over a year now and it wasn't funny when you started. Don't you know that making a bunch of lame references to stuff that was popular a decade ago will never get you anywhere? At least change it up a little bit, y'know?"

By the time you walk away, the guy is walking up to people and smacking them with the hammer, then saying, "please, hammer, don't hurt' em." You're proud to have shared your moxious ways with a hopeless geek.

You gain 3 Chutzpah.

Occurs at The Sleazy Back Alley.