Hagnk's Bricks (K-L)

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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, K-L

k8cre8 --- For all you do, this brick's for you.
Kaaewen --- Ripoff.
kabob --- Kabob was here!
Kaboon --- Make love, not war.
Kaden Astrid
Kae0s --- c'est ne pas un brique. NPZR FOR LIFE!
Kae0s --- Look behind you, a 3-headed monkey!
Kae0s --- NPZR's listen to ADeadHeart on RadioKol!
Kae0s --- silence Arrr!!! ...braINs... DANGER DANGER!
Kae0s --- That's the second-biggest NPZR I've ever seen!
Kae0s --- Tourist, Rincewind decided, meant "idiot".
Kag X --- all glory to the cactus king
Kag X --- cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus
Kag X --- cactus is courage, cactus is hope
Kag X --- cactus is peace, cactus is wisdom
Kag X --- cactus is shelter, cactus is strength
Kag X --- cactus transcends death
Kag X --- cactus transcends desire
Kag X --- cactus transcends hatred
Kag X --- cactus transcends ignorance
Kag X --- long has the cactus lived in peace
Kag X --- long has the cactus lived in strength
Kag X --- long has the cactus lived in wisdom
KageOokami --- This AlphaWolf Contributes to KoL Dattebayo! ^.^V
Kagredon --- What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?
Kahad --- Owner of the hairiest legs in the world!!! - Kahad
kahroo --- dedicated to the foodcourt lovelies!
kahroo --- RIP Mr Magnifico
kahroo --- The Rye 4 Life!
Kaikah --- Mandragora is a Radish-head
KaiMaru --- Ex-Chow Mein fiend looking for spicy noodles.
Kained --- Crack Forever!
Kairen --- Kairen-3 years KOLing and counting! Thanks DevTeam
Kairen --- Limitless Pool Noodles Discorporated
Kakashi Hatake --- =D
Kakita --- Build a wall!
Kakita --- For the past!
Kakita --- Good luck, Hagnk!
Kakita --- I was there! Kakita
Kakita --- One man, one brick, one wall!
kalaleq --- Helping Hard-working Hagnk Hurts
Kalaria --- With Love from Kala
Kaleith --- Keep up the good fight on all fronts, KZG!
KaLL --- I
Kalladan --- Be excellent to each other... Party on dudes!!
Kalum --- Kalum's Dog Pound Forever!
Kamael --- All in all, I'm just another brick in the wall..
Kamekichi --- =^_^= ------I HAS A BRICK
Kamekichi --- All mimsy were the borogoves,
Kamekichi --- And the mome raths outgrabe.
Kamekichi --- Bricks are for throwing, not building storages!
Kamekichi --- Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
Kamekichi --- Do not waste your time on the internet!
Kamekichi --- Do you have stairs in your house?
Kamekichi --- For good anime: Azumanga Daioh! and BLEACH!
Kamekichi --- Go read a book by Kurt Vonnegut! Right now!
Kamekichi --- Im in ur wall, wastin my meet!
Kamekichi --- Inconceivable!
Kamekichi --- Kamekichi was here!!!11
Kamekichi --- Kamekichi's SUPER HAPPY FUN BRICK
Kamekichi --- L-chaaaaan
Kamekichi --- Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in Time.
Kamekichi --- Listen: Fountains of Wayne is a really good band!
Kamekichi --- Mr Owl ate my metal worm
Kamekichi --- Sata andagi! Sata andagi! Sata andagi! Sata andagi
Kamekichi --- Touched by his noodly appendage. Kame-K.
Kamekichi --- T'was Brillig and the Slithy Towes
Kamekichi --- What finally gave me away? The HOYVEN or MAYVEN?
Kameko --- And pop! Babies come out of his head!
Kameko --- The GCS: When in doubt, strip.
Kandagawa --- Eep Op Ork Aah Aah
Kandagawa --- Repent, Sombrero Sinners!
kangoshi --- Free the plant
kangoshi --- I love you KOLers! 4:20 all day every day!
kangoshi --- Raisin Cakes!
Kaos_Demonik --- In Hind Sight I Am There - Kaos_Demonik
karayuswack --- Praise be unto Mark Chen
Kareth --- Kareth of Pier #11, 21 June 2007.
karl dark
karl dark --- Dazz pissed on this brick
karl dark --- Teh Club "All heart, No shame"
karlthekiller --- Hooray for The Kingdom of Loathing!
karma_247 --- Bella's brick.
Karsey --- Look what a little meat can do!
Kartok --- Kartok Rules!
kasharatoo --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall
Kastaguy --- Break away from the everyday
Kastaguy --- don't be afraid to say what you want to say.
Katatonic --- How did this get here I am not good with computers
Kateywoo --- Where dem hats at?
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Barry Jive and the Uptown Five
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Charlie!
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Dick is the man.
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- For Barry
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- I love Laura
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Liz is in everybody's business
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Ray Sucks.
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Rob Gordon Rules
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Shop Championship Vinyl
KathleenTurnerOverdrive --- Top 10 Bricks of all time?
Katie Scarlett --- I less than 3 Hangk's! Katie Scarlett (#244516)
Kattarena --- Muy Bueno!
Kavall --- Kavall Was Here
Kavall --- Kavall wuz here
KayHanLeyJennyLewis --- KHJL
kcfin --- New Digs!
Kegger --- I LOVE THIS GAME, KOL rules! Kegger Kol Year 3
kelemti --- Go Hagnk!
KellyBlue --- 3 bricks 75000  please send meat to KellyBlue
KellyBlue --- I can't belive I have to pay so much meat
KellyBlue --- Rock on!
kellybones --- Kelly Bones!
Kelyva --- "Where does the time go?" Kelyva
Kemi --- Kemi was here!
kenichi bando
Kenjoki Ikari --- Dragonforce is the harest metal known to man.
Kenny Strife --- Disco never dies.
KenshinHimoura --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Kensoir --- more Cowbell!!
KentS2004 --- Cogngrats ogn the gnew store frognt Hagnk!
Keptuvis --- bla bla bla
kerdel --- Kerdel's gall stone
KerluthanHalian --- Clan Awesomenicity shall rise again!
KerluthanHalian --- Contributed by Clan Awesomenicity
Kermo --- A center for ANTS?
Kermo --- Au contraire, Mahatma. Quite the opposite, in fact
Kermo --- Hide away, folk family
Kermo --- I hope that I get old before I die.
Kermo --- My friends call me Lenny, but I got no friends.
Kermo --- Put your hand inside the puppet hand.
Kermo --- She thinks she's Edith Head
Kermo --- That's enough talking, ladies.
Kermo --- The world's address
Kermo --- There is no money past the fifth fret.
Kermo --- We don't need no education.
Kermo --- You made my day. Now you have to sleep in it.
Keroro --- Go Hagnk!
Kethoth --- It's grimacite baby!!!
Kethoth --- Let's see NS13 tear this baby down.
Kethoth --- RAWR monster defend Hagnk's.
ketteringdave --- Alas, poor Hagnk, we knew him well.
kevbob --- saucing the sphere.
kevh588 --- Meeg.
Kevynn --- The Gouda Gladiator Memorial Brick!
kHALOo --- Squantz.
khamul --- I like bricks
Khazad --- Ingenious message
Khazad --- My life for HoD
Khazad --- Whatever happened was not my fault
Khazad --- Yar, I'm a bear!
Kibeth --- urizenXVII can't throw this brick at my window
Kid Ichorous
Kiki Wong --- Kiki Wong was here
Kilgurin --- Wanted to support with at least 1 brick
Killer Tune --- This brick rocks! – Killer Tune
Killer Zombie Monkey --- Ahh chupacabra...Go shave yourself
Killer Zombie Monkey --- bastard covered bastard with bastard filling
Killer Zombie Monkey --- covered in hope and vaseline...
Killer Zombie Monkey --- Lobster-skin-shopping-mall-coffee-stained-lipsync.
Killer Zombie Monkey --- Look! A fire-breathing Pegasus riding a unicycle!
Killer Zombie Monkey --- What a clean city.  I'm kinda sleepy.
KimVengeance --- Brick of Kim
KimVengeance --- I bought this block
KimVengeance --- Stainless Steel Rats
Kindly Good Sir Chachi --- KGSC - Captain Climax's Midget Brigade
Kindly Good Sir Chachi --- KGSC Captain Climax's Midget Brigade
King Cody --- I
King Julian --- Good luck Hagnk from King Julian
King Julian --- Good luck in the future Hangk
King Texas --- Here's to better luck in the future, Hagnk! KT
Kingbowzer --- I
KingDobbs --- All hail the Crimson King!
KingDobbs --- All in all, I'm just another one of these.
KingDobbs --- Also, I can kill you with my brain.
KingDobbs --- And I just ran out of bubblegum.
KingDobbs --- And the Dragon comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!
KingDobbs --- But if there's any girls there I want to do them!
KingDobbs --- Can I have a Mountain Dew?
KingDobbs --- Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.
KingDobbs --- En francais, s'il vous plait.
KingDobbs --- Everything I did, I did for my people.
KingDobbs --- Freedom is Slavery.
KingDobbs --- Great Scott!
KingDobbs --- He saves children.  But not the British children.
KingDobbs --- His name is Robert Paulson.
KingDobbs --- I •3< seals.
KingDobbs --- I aim with my brick.
KingDobbs --- I am a sexy shoeless god of war!
KingDobbs --- I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
KingDobbs --- I am leaf on the wind.  Watch me as I soar.
KingDobbs --- I am the Dread Pirate Roberts.
KingDobbs --- I came here to do two things.
KingDobbs --- I did.  In the hall.  With the revolver.
KingDobbs --- I dunno, I'm making this up as I go along.
KingDobbs --- I has a brick!
KingDobbs --- I have two guns.  One for each of you.
KingDobbs --- I know, this is heavy.
KingDobbs --- I love the smell of commerce in the morning!
KingDobbs --- I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
KingDobbs --- I regret that I have but one brick to give...
KingDobbs --- I think the dingo ate your baby.
KingDobbs --- I understand.  I do not grok.
KingDobbs --- I want to have your abortion.
KingDobbs --- Ignorance is Strength.
KingDobbs --- I'm attacking the darkness!
KingDobbs --- I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife.
KingDobbs --- I'm in ur wall, bein' another brick.
KingDobbs --- I'm not even supposed to be here today!
KingDobbs --- It's Thursday.  I could never get the hang of them
KingDobbs --- Kick ass, and chew bubblegum.
KingDobbs --- L'etat, c'est moi.
KingDobbs --- Long live the Whale.
KingDobbs --- My god.  It's full of stars.
KingDobbs --- No, this must be what going mad feels like.
KingDobbs --- Oh boy, sleep!  That's where I'm a Viking!
KingDobbs --- See the TURTLE of Enormous Girth...
KingDobbs --- Stiny!  Get me a danish!
KingDobbs --- There will be no survivors.
KingDobbs --- This brick is in Spanish when you're not looking.
KingDobbs --- This is not a brick.
KingDobbs --- War is Peace.
KingDobbs --- Watch it.  I think you stepped in cleric.
KingDobbs --- We can't stop here!  This is Bat Country!
KingDobbs --- Where are the Cheetos?
KingDobbs --- Whoa.  I know kung fu.
KingDobbs --- Would you like your possessions identified (y/n)?
KingDobbs --- You bet your sweet ass I am.
KingDobbs --- You have died of dysentery.
KingDobbs --- You've got red on you.
kinGGreg --- Love to Flinkle, Allypeanut, Helene...etc...
kingmob235 --- nympho pee pee teens 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!
KingOfSpain --- I
kingPOGo --- LTS, I hardly knew thee
Kintexu2 --- Even if the world ends, Kintexu will always remain
Kintexu2 --- I chose to add another brick cuz I have some money
Kiona --- Here it is yet another brick in the wall....
KirbyLlama --- Screw Hangk's, gimme a refund already
KirbyLlama --- Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kirsty --- love you, nick.    k
Kitch Wing of Angmar
Kitch Wing of Angmar --- Kitch Wing of Angmar woz 'ere.. Nuff said!
Kitch Wing of Angmar --- KWOANOK4U2
Kitschycat --- Eat it or Throw it Away
KittenOfWoe --- Cheers to the Kingdom, and to fuzzbumps in the sun
Kittwin --- for Dyra
Kitty_Pirate --- Romanes Eunt Domus
kivrin --- At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing.
kiwanomelon --- A Generous Adventurer Is Me!
kjacobso --- You are welcome, Hagnk.
Kjeldoran --- I think, therefore I KoL.
Kjeldoran --- Nothing rhymes with orange.
Kjeldoran --- O RLY?
kjk86 --- ...
kjk86 --- kjk86 was here
kjk86 --- Me again!
kjk86 --- w00t!
kjk86 --- Yay!!
Klegeroinus --- Klegeroinus the Kolander purchased this stone
Klingon47 --- Don't Blow it.
Klutzygirl --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall
Kn1ghtmare --- Chunk of Depleted Grimacite
Kn1ghtmare --- I AM THE DESTROYER!
knickknack --- leave those kids alone
Knight of Ni
Knight_of_the_Ni --- To Hagnk: Dont F- it up again! -Knight of the Ni
Knight01 --- HELP HIM
Knight01 --- Knight01 was here
KnightOfChaos --- Loathing Trek
Koalus --- Eat at Joe's
Kobra --- Kobra!
kocaz3 --- Kocaz Pwns
kocaz3 --- Owned Pwns
Kodiak --- I'm in ur Hagnks stealing all ur stuff, Mohaaaaaaa
Koi --- SCAF rules
koitsu --- Chaos is Eternity
KoL_Orphan --- I
KoL_Orphan --- Kol_Orphan was here! June 21st, 2007
KolMohDee --- KMD!
Kongar --- m_t = 170.9 +/- 1.8 GeV/c^2
Kontiki --- I donated 25K meat and all I got was a damn brick?
koshonte --- sure
Kotic --- Penguins RULE!!
KrakMunky69 --- Dedicated to all my fave drunken pervs in /radio
KrakMunky69 --- larzdapunk is ma pimp
KrakMunky69 --- Saracuda is a badass derby girl
Krayola Krayon --- desu~
Krayola Krayon --- This is a pre-NS13 brick.
Krayola Krayon --- WRYYYYYYYYYY
KrazedKris --- Hiya Kebec! *waves*
Krazny13 --- This brick brought to you buy the UPLA.
krobryn doom --- yo suppish ? yay wasted meat
Krumpet --- ^_^ (I am not evil)
KrystalWolf --- Got Brick?
KSlayer --- meh
Kuni5 --- BM for ever!
Kuni5 --- I built the wall!
Kuni5 --- I love the Foxlady!
Kuni5 --- I was there!
Kuni5 --- Looking forward to NS13
Kuntoe --- grinks
Kuriboh Lv87 --- wtf is this
Kutre --- Hol sie, hol sie, alle unters Dach.
Kutre --- Patatas traigo!!!!
Kutre --- Shine on...
Kuttelhut --- Shelpey cannot spell my name
Kwani --- This brick is dedicated to Art_thur!
Kyerema --- Paid for by the Brotherhood of Offler
Kylian --- Will people go blind trying to read the bricks?
Kyller --- ~ Here lies 25k worth of Kyller's meat ~
Kyller --- Aspertame less then three's Jeepygirl!
Kyller --- Be sure to read all the bricks around me
Kyller --- Captain Yaksworth is a captain!
Kyller --- Im not the cornerstone, but I still feel important
Kyller --- Jeepygirl is my hero!
Kyller --- Kyller was here
Kyller --- Monsoon Empire is a mighty clan
Kyller --- Place your ad here! (Just kidding)
Kyller --- This one is for Xantica
Kyller --- This one is for you Hagnk!
Kyller --- To: Hagnk, Best wishes. From: Kyller
Kyller --- We are a part of all who we meet
Kyn1000 --- Quien es tu papa?
kyrasantae --- kyrasantae was here
Kyrion --- Kyrion's
Kyron --- see the LIGHT!
kYrOs --- I have become Comfortably Numb
KyRoS --- I paid HOW much for this brick?
KyRoS --- I saved the kingdom and all you got was this brick
KyRoS --- If you can read this, you're too close
KyRoS --- The Dark Side of the Ronald
KyRoS --- This is better than the bricks I usually lay
l337 h4xz0r --- l337 h4xz0r was here!
l337_p5yc0 --- Hi, I'm only donating one brick. l337_p5yc0
L33t f00l ---  To Hagnk, who keeps my stuff all safe and shiney.
l33t_7h3iF --- Uber Goths-Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc
La Bandita
La hot death
lacy --- Sorry Roger, you tigah now!
Ladochi --- Evil Kittens Rule
Ladochi --- Ladochi - The Official Kicker of Balls
Lady Auron --- 'Bout time you rebuilt, Hangk!
Lady Kirie
Lady Psyche --- That small phenomenon indeed am I! (W.S.G.)
Lady Shortbush --- MWE.2007
Lady Tomo
Lady_Noire --- ...
Lady_Noire --- Flintknapping for fun and profit! Inquire within!
Lady_Noire --- Has anyone seen my missing disk to 11th Hour?
Lady_Noire --- In Loving Memory: Lady_Noire's Wisdom teeth 6/14
Lady_Noire --- involved and this will not have been a waste of
Lady_Noire --- Lady_Noire was here, and is now.. still here.
Lady_Noire --- money in my quest to purchase old Mr. A familiars.
Lady_Noire --- Mr. Fibble says yes.
Lady_Noire --- With luck this meatsink will also have a trophy
Lady_Noire --- Zombies are not edible.
LadyJ --- #83378 and #86461 Forever!
LadyJ --- #86461 and #83378 Forever!
LadyJ --- Just Happy To be Here
LadyJ --- LadyJ - Living & Loving KOL since May 28, 2004
LadyJ --- LadyJ & flint firestarter the 1st
LadyJ --- LadyJ Was Here!
LadyJ --- Land of the Lost Generation that is!
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - A place for the honest KOL'er
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Best KOL clannies '07
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - by good people for good people
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - By Good people, For Good People
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Clan Leader LadyJ
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Est. 2004
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - For the honest KOL'er
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Home to the best Clannies around
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Home to the Honest KOL'er
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - It's The Place For You
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - KOL Friends and Family
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Look no further
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Look them up
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Never Lost for too long
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - Simply the Best
LadyJ --- Lost Generation - The clan for the honest KOLer
LadyJ --- Lost Generation For Good People, By Good People
LadyJ --- Taking the time to leave my mark - LadyJ
LadyKeiko --- Never turn back from the road ahead
LadyUtena --- Bara no Hanaome
LadyUtena --- For the Revolution of the World!
LadyUtena --- to bring the revolution
LadyUtena --- To bring the World Revolution!
Laellis --- A generous Adventurer is me!
Laellis --- I'm still here and nothing has happend, yet.
Laetitia --- For the greater good of all
Lag --- Your Message Here
Lagom --- Being limited to 50 characters makes it hard to sa
Lance Dickson
Lander --- I dedicate this brick to Lynn, rock solid baby!
Landreth --- All is not lost.
Landreth --- It's the final countdown!
Landreth --- This brick placed by Landreth, god of biscuits.
Landsquid Tongueblade --- Fetch me a bucket!
LaPrachio --- Hardcore Oxygenation: We know the numbers, sucka!
LaPrachio --- When the laugh track starts then the fun starts!
Lardistic --- Lard wuz here!
larky lion --- kt!
LaRoni --- LaRoni slept here.
larzdapunk --- Larz did 4 day HC & all I got was this lousy brick
larzdapunk --- Thanks for the Grimacite, KrakMunky69!
larzdapunk --- We don' need no education! Or thought contro'!
larzdapunk --- When I got the music, I gotta place to go --Rancid
LasagnacTheGreat --- I would pay a lot of money to see a fish NOT eat a
LasagnacTheGreat --- LasagnacTheGreat Wuz Hair
Lasagno --- my message
Late nite Ramen
Late nite Ramen --- Eat my shorts!
Late nite Ramen --- Eat your heart out, Lego
Laughingman --- just adding to my accomplishments
lauranotthequeen --- laurathequeen
LaurDragon --- BRICK
LaurDragon --- I love you!
LaurDragon --- Save the tigers.
LaurDragon --- The Closet
lavender_ --- Waste of meat!
LavenderRose --- Hey BiggRed, Will you marry me?
LavenderRose --- WTF?
lazarus the evil dude
Lazy010 --- Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
LBH --- I Hate Everything!!!
ldeezy --- McCluhan Memorial Brick (it *is* the message)
LdySaphyre --- All in all, this is just another brick in the wall
LdySaphyre --- Do not aim with your hand... aim with your moxie!
LdySaphyre --- I double dog dare you to throw this brick at me.
LdySaphyre --- IP4EVAH!
LdySaphyre --- Won't you be my pinkest pony? :D
Le_Chuck --- The policeman's beard is half constructed
Leadman --- *~==~* LEADMAN *~==~*
Leadman --- ¡Ay caramba!*
Leadman --- Damgn you, Hagnk!
Leadman --- Hagnk's: new and improved, but we still suck!
Leadman --- Im in ur mini-storage stealin ur stuffz
Leadman --- Not to be used as a personal flotation device.
Leadman --- Secret Message
Leadman --- This space intentionally left blank.
Leadman --- This unique and heartfelt message is dedicated to
Leadman --- You are a winner! ( See reverse side for details )
Leanna --- Bete Noire is all Fangy and GRRR!
LeeLeeBethKidman --- Lisa Kidman
LeePopsicle1 --- LeePopsicle1 -- I got it... I got it!!!        412
Legalese --- GRIMACITE! Apply directly to the brick! GRIMACITE!
Legeevil --- Legeevil-I Am This Kingdom
Legend Dan --- Gnocciqueen belongs to me.
Legend Dan --- Love you, Heather
Legion of Evil.
Lego Lastic --- We don't need no thought control
legom7 --- Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
legom7 --- Hagnk, I think this guy is ripping us off.
legom7 --- Maybe you should hire the penguins for protection.
legom7 --- The doctor said "Rectum? I practically kill him!".
legom7 --- yippy kaiyay mother(gunshot)
Lehks --- Lehks woz here
lenore lachrymosa
Les Johnson --- Les Johnson is somewhat nifty
lessy195 --- :)
LesterBeans --- 2 peanuts walking on the street and on is a salted
LesterBeans --- I am serious... and don't call me Shirley
LesterBeans --- Who watches the the Watchmen
lette --- Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo.
lette --- Hagnk, good luck in your new building. Love, Lette
lette --- I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.
Levitto --- Moo.
Lewdguini --- Beware Lewdguini's probing noodle of mystery!
Lewy210 --- Crumpet Raider's Were Ere '07
Lewy210 --- hagnk's is doooooomed
Liadan --- SnarkOutQueen is the TRUE Queen of Hearts!
LiamAndMe --- Meatsink'd...Meatsunk'd err whichever.
lich135 --- i own a brick!
Lidless Hero --- I Love Lamp
Lifetiki --- This brick was donated because I love Hobology!
Lightwolf --- +1 Brick
Lightwolf --- Band with rocks in it.
Lightwolf --- For the end of the world, Press here   -> (o)
Lightwolf --- In memory of 25,000 meat
Lightwolf --- In memory of a brick
Lightwolf --- Shes a brick, da da daaa da, house.
Lightwolf --- The best years of my life. who'd of thought.
Lightwolf --- The suspense is terrible, i hope it last
Lightwolf --- There must be some kind of way out of here
Lightwolf --- To find out how to ammuse an iddiot, turn over
Lightwolf --- Well, its just as well you dont know
Lihc Eye Care --- In Memory:James the Rosemary Plant loved by kahroo
Lihc Eye Care --- It's not behind this brick
LiIIith --- Kittens and win
LiIIith --- Kittens and Win!
Likal Coraer --- Good luck, Hagnk!
Lilac --- It's ancestrally delicious!
Lilkeith07 --- Just another brick in the wall, haha amazing
Lillith --- Kittens and Win
Limb77 --- Window Opener... Just throw.
Lindiwe --- This one better be comet-proof!
LinguiniTheGreat --- Fnord!
link21231 --- *generic brick message* Woot!
LinkMaster 9 --- Bite my shiny metal ass.
LinkMaster 9 --- LinkMaster 9 is cool.
Linrasti --- TMA
Linrasti --- TMA!
linzic --- linzic's circle w00t!!
linzic --- linzic's circle will rule the world
linzic --- wow i did a lot and a little at the same time
linzic --- yeah
linzic --- yeah thats right i helped
Liolei --- Hey All! Liolei Contributed this Brick!
lisew --- here lays one whose name was writ in grimacite
Lisha --- The moon is beautiful tonight.
Little Petey --- All hail Illene
little_miss_sexyb --- v is for valhalla!
LLamaman58 --- Don't say Candlejack or you might end up disa-
LLamaman58 --- The Mason shouldn't make his tools out of butter.
lllllllllllllll --- Shout outs to McMath 07s who don't evn play nymore
LoafingOaf --- Beards are love!
Loathario --- We love you Hagnk!
LocosLord --- “Has anyone seen Bill?† - Ted
locustofshiron --- all in all, It's just another brick
logincharacter --- This is a Grimacite Brick
Lokonopa --- A Generous Adveturer is Me.
lol --- z0mg lol rofl lmao
lonewolf_121 --- woo go Hagnk its yo birfday!!..what is isnt?!
LongJacket --- Long Jacket - You are what you eat!
Longuine --- Another Brick
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#10)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#2)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#3)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#4)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#5)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#6)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#6)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#7)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#8)
Longuine --- another brick in the wall (#9)
LongWood --- Yes, that is a pickle in my pants
looth_teeth --- the graffiti spoils the minimalist sheen
Loottool --- Don't I have better things to spend my meat on?
Loottool --- Don't say I never did anything for you.
Loottool --- I had something else I wanted to say but I forgot
Loottool --- I hate to hav speling mistakes set in stone
Loottool --- I have my funky dance right here
Lorc --- Stuck in a brick factory; please send help!
Lord Apolon --- Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement
Lord Bob --- Brian Caden for mayor of seaside town
Lord Butterbeer --- i wear the cheese it doesnt wear me
Lord Elmo --- I am not a dick!  But I am addicted to crime!
Lord Jareth --- Lord Jareth is a loyal supporter of Hagnk's!
Lord Jyskal --- Lord Jyskal was here. July 20, 2007
Lord Kick In The Butt --- Lord Kick In The Butt Was Here
Lord Kobel --- All your bricks are belong to Hagnk!!!
Lord Linguino
lord of thieves --- Lord of Thieves saves the day with his uber brick!
Lord Shadowfox
Lord Stefano --- I AM THE LORD!
Lord Zathrus
Lord_Binky --- Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
Lord_Binky --- Pan-Da Pan-Da Panda Pan-Da Pan Pan-Da!
Lord_Binky --- To Buzz, you pulled a blade on a guy in shades.
Lord_Etnpm --- ->Eris Bless This Building
Lord_of_Ants --- There are some advantages to having six legs -LoA
LordBobXIII --- ...... and the Gunslinger followed.
LordBobXIII --- Go on Gunslinger there are other worlds then these
LordBobXIII --- I'm a wanker!!!
LordBobXIII --- Lord Bob XIII was not here.
LordBobXIII --- Or was Lord Bob XII here?
LordBobXIII --- The man in black fled into the desert......
LordBobXIII --- Yet another brick in the Wall
LordDerby --- You're so vain I bet you think this brick is abt u
LordHades15 --- I
lordjanus --- BloodVex likes men.
lordjanus --- La RRevolucion, because we're better than you!
lordjanus --- La RRevolucion: The official clan of RR.
lordjanus --- Nitocris lies. Janus does not suffer pants to live
lordjanus --- So...I heard you like Mudkips...
lordjanus --- Viva La RRevolucion!
lordjanus --- Whoops, forgot my hat.
LordTshil --- been to Plateau of Leng  & saw the King in Yellow
Loretta McFunk --- how can you have any pudding?
lost260 --- Another one (25,000) bites the dust...
lost260 --- Damn this is expensive!
Lostillusion --- And if it thunders here, the first time in years
Lostillusion --- And if your head asplode from a stray piece of gum
Lostillusion --- I was waiting for a moment...
Lostillusion --- I'll see you on the dark side of Grimace
Lostillusion --- Just another Brick in The Wall. (I know, I know.)
Lostillusion --- So then the big bad wolf huffed and puffed...
Lostillusion --- Tear Down The Wall!
Lostillusion --- You shout and find yourself a cow
LOTE --- hey join my clan...that is if you're my friend...
LOTE --- in memory of mariance
LOTE --- in memory of those lost
LOTE --- In memory of those lost this year.
LOTE --- LOTE(#418046) was here
LOTE --- this brick represents the teachers out there...
Lotully --- 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399
Lotully --- I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Lou Pole --- Brickliness is next to dogliness.
Lou Pole --- Go hang a salami - I am a lasagna hog!
Lou Pole --- Whoa! Hey! Don't touch me!
loudgrrl4_ever --- This smells like a trap to me.
loungemonkey --- the dude abides
LoveBite --- LoveBite + Hagnk BFF
Lpp --- Harder, better, faster, stronger, and now higher !
Lt Black
Lt Black --- Give me back my pants! D:
Lt Black --- We miss you, Joey. Get your ass back here.
Lu Tze --- Fish!
Lu Tze --- On behalf of Daychilde, a fun and loving guy!
Lu Tze --- On behalf of Daychilde, a fun and loving guy! ;-)
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildeaggro_badger --- aggro_badger's aggro_brick
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeApocalypse Throb --- For Sale:  One Gently Used
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeAsturia
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildebenevola
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeBob_Pesterfello --- For a good time, message Psora
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeCharbroiled
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeCheeseboyardee --- Meat sinks.. gotta love 'em.
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeCheesyname
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeChrono Mage --- I've got a lovely bunch of depleted
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeCount Dogula --- Where's the mortar?
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeElijah Baley
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildeepithet --- Brick 258
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildeepithet --- Brick XVI
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeExtirpator --- Donate to charities!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeGuiseppi
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeI buy hot wings for charred
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeImpago II
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildeinsanelark --- Dedicated to Ginsu who shows great
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeJalandy --- Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeKalladan --- Be excellent to each other... Party on
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeKamekichi --- Listen: Fountains of Wayne is a really
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildelinzic --- wow i did a lot and a little at the same time
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeLou Pole --- Brickliness is next to dogliness.
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeMalAdjusteDsocially --- Lb4Lb
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeMalik --- ....(              {{}}              )....
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+Daychildemandasita
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeMarshall --- And burbled as it came!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeMikel --- Taelios; 220652
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeMoTH --- Wow, I have a lot of Grimacite.
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeNikademus --- This message brought to you by the
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeOwain --- okay, now I'm stopping, last message
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildePhrim --- Phrim's Brick #9
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildePsykopath
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeRetserof --- Good Luck Hagnk!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeS8p8i8k8e --- I reserve the right to remove this
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeSaucySiebz --- Always Look on the Bright Side of
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeSmitty the Bold --- Woo Hoo!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeStargazer67 --- Fama nihil est celerius
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeT Sarducci --- MMe_Defarge is teh sex!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeThe Hogs of Destiny --- Go Hogs!
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeTheGreatYak
Lu Tze --- On+behalf+of+DaychildeWidget1985 --- Widget1985 Will find the Weirdest
Luc1fer --- Fear The Llama!
Luce the Tuce
Lucid Dream --- Terror will rain down upon the unfit Gods.
LUEser --- LUEshi>j00
Luis Sol y Sombrero --- I
Luiz Gonzaga
Lukifer ---     F    N    O    R    D
Lukifer --- fnord
Lukifer --- Luke
Lukifer --- Lukifer Wuz Here Lawl
Lukifer --- This brick left intentially blank.
LunaTicVee27 --- And that is beautiful
LunaTicVee27 --- Everybody dies frustrated and sad
LunaWolvesMan --- The end is nigh!
LunaWolvesMan --- Yay for NS13!
lung fung --- ?gniod i ma lleh eht tahw
lung fung --- She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
LupisTagg --- You can trip on my synthesizer
LustyPirateWench --- Lusty Sunk 25K in This Brick
Luther --- Alts of the Kingdom, Unite!
LuvLuvChef --- what else needs to be said?
Lycanthra33 --- Yay!  A gnew srorage ugnit!
Lynn Gweeney --- Today's my 3-year KoL anniversary!  Huzzah!
Lytol --- LIGHT rules!
Lyxia --- Slabbulkhead loves cuddles and smootches!


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