Grey Goo Impact Site

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The Goo-Spewing Bat HoleThe Goo-Bedecked BeanstalkThe Goo-Choked Fun HouseThe Goo-Girded GarvesThe Goo-Covered KnobThe Goo FieldsThe Goo-Shrouded PalindomeThe Goo-Splattered Tower RuinsGoo bg.gif
Goo tower1.gif

The Grey Goo Impact Site is located in the middle of the Kingdom of Loathing during a Grey Goo run. It replaces the locations where The Nearby Plains and The Naughty Sorceress' Tower would normally be.

The areas that can be found here include:

Goo tower2.gif

    • On day 3, the Astral Gash appears above the ruins of the tower at the start of the day:
      There's almost nothing left of the tower now. That goo must really hate tall buildings!

Goo tower3.gif

    • On days 4 and later, the Massive Prism of Grey Goo will no longer appear, and all adventures attempted in Grey Goo zones are replaced with Goo-d Riddance.