Gravy Fairy Ring

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Gravy Fairy Ring
Gravy Fairy Ring
Small ring of mushrooms
surrounded by greasy stains
on the dungeon floor.

Gaffle some mushrooms
You take some mushrooms.
But not in the "hippy" sense --
in the "burglar" sense.
Can't get what you want,
unless it's an Knob mushroom.


Loot falls like spring rain,
keen eyes spy a Knoll mushroom.
Yoink! Now it is yours.


A spooky mushroom
is now yours for the taking.
As such, you take it.

Take some gravy instead, or
Grab a gravy boat,
wring out a bunch of mushrooms,
and what do you get?
fairy gravy boat
was once your foe's, is now yours.
Beaters-up, keepers.

Leave the ring alone
You wander away
without stealing anything.
Good Samaritan!

Occurs at The Haiku Dungeon.


  • Was added on August 29, 2008 as part of the revamping of The Haiku Dungeon.
  • In the first choice, you will get 2-3 of Spooky, Knoll, and/or Knob mushrooms. It is possible to get 3 of the same, and also possible to get none of one type.
  • Leaving the ring alone does not consume an adventure.
  • All three choices taken together make a haiku.