Gnollish Crossdress

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Gnollish Crossdress
Gnollish Crossdress

This is a magical dress worn by Gnollish Crossdressers. It's enchanted such that anyone who wears it, male or female, is automatically crossdressing.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Dress to Kill (30 Adventures)Makes you look like a Gnollish Crossdresser

(In-game plural: Gnollish Crossdresss)
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Item number: 5798
Description ID: 421957448
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Obtained From

The Degrassi Knoll Gym
Gnollish Crossdresser

When Used

You put on the dress. You feel pretty, oh so pretty. You feel pretty and witty and Gnollish.
Skirt.gifYou acquire an effect: Dress to Kill
(duration: 30 Adventures)



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