Gimli Patterson, Cryptozoologist

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Gimli Patterson, Cryptozoologist
Gimli Patterson, Cryptozoologist

A thin, gray-haired, bespectacled man with leather patches on his elbows answers the door, and gasps at the sight of you.

"A sasquatch!" he shouts excitedly. "A genuine yeti, at my own front door!"

"What? No, I'm just..."

"I knew it! I knew they existed! Those doubters at the Biological Society will be laughing out of the other side of their faces now!"

"Look, buddy," you sigh, "I'm just here for candy, okay?"

"Candy? I had no idea that the sasquatch subsisted on candy! Fascinating! I believe I may have a peppermint somewhere on my person..." He starts patting his pockets, and soon produces a wad of lint and a generic restaurant peppermint, which he hands to you. "There you are! Now stay right there while I fetch my camera!"

He runs back into his house. You, of course, immediately wander off.

Lint.gifYou acquire an item: lint
Candy.gifYou acquire an item: dubious peppermint

Occurs while Trick-or-Treating in the Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe.


  • The name refers to the famous 1967 footage filmed by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin that some believe depicts a Sasquatch. Its authenticity is a favorite subject of debate among cryptozoologists.