Giant needle

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giant needle
giant needle

This is the needle from a giant record player. Like most of the things in this castle, it's very large. Unlike most of the things in this castle, however, it's also wicked sharp.

Type: weapon (2-handed spear)
Damage: 15 - 30
Muscle Required: 60
Selling Price: 165 Meat.

+5 to Monster Level

(In-game plural: giant needles)
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Item number: 619
Description ID: 595147059
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Obtained From

The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky
Raver Giant


You do a little remixing with your giant needle, scratching <it> for X damage. SPLAT! BONK! SOCKO!
You drop that beat like a bad habit and scratch <it> for X damage. WHAMMO! SPLAT! SOCKO!
You needle <it> for X damage. Did you really need to? KAPOW! SOCKO! SMACK!
You've seen the needle use the man, so you use the needle to poke <it> for X damage. BARF! ZAP! ZOT!
You poke <it> with the giant needle, creating some warm-sounding, analog pain. You do X damage. SOCKO! POW! ZAP!



  • The attack message, "You've seen the needle use the man, so you use the needle to poke it for X damage" quite possibly refers to the Megadeth song, "Use The Man", which contains the lyrics "I've seen the man use the needle / I've seen the needle use the man".

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