Giant discarded torn-up glove

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giant discarded torn-up glove
giant discarded torn-up glove

This is two fingers of a giant fingerless glove. What a terrible name for a scotch that'd be. "Gimme two fingers of A Giant Fingerless Glove, on the rocks."

Anyway, it's big enough to wear as a pair of pants, and from the smell of it, somebody has already done so, for weeks and weeks, without washing it.

Type: pants
Power: 155
Moxie Required: 62
Outfit: Glad Bag Glad Rags
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 205 Meat.

+5 Stench Damage
Moxie -10

(In-game plural: giant discarded torn-up gloves)
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Item number: 1691
Description ID: 306817444
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Obtained From

Giant Trash Quest (Accordion Thief or Disco Bandit)

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  • The description refers to the "Gauntlet" brand of scotch whisky.


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