Giant Faraday Cage

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For the item used to obtain this housing, see giant Faraday cage.

Giant Faraday Cage

The Giant Faraday Cage is a type of housing that is located at your Campground.


  • Obtained by using a giant Faraday cage.
  • The Giant Faraday Cage is the next step up from a House, providing a base gain of 100 HP and 100 MP at rollover or 50 HP and 50 MP when resting at your campsite.
  • The Giant Faraday Cage can be replaced with any other type of housing except The Ground.
  • On the first rest per day, resting in a Giant Faraday Cage also yields:
    All of the static electricity you generate by tossing and turning gets amplified and concentrated and stored in your fillings.
    Faraday.gifYou acquire an effect: Uncaged Power
    (duration: 30 Adventures)
  • Upon ascension, your Giant Faraday Cage is lost and must be re-obtained in your next incarnation.

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