Gaze of the Trickster God

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What triggers this aside from combat items?

Gaze of the Trickster God

Gaze of the Trickster God

Your mask is changing the way you see the world. Every ear is begging for a wet willy, every pair of shoelaces want to be tied together, and every sleeping hand needs, more than it has ever needed anything else, to be dipped in warm water.

Ranged Damage +30
+30 Sleaze Damage
+3 Moxie Stats Per Fight
+30% Combat Initiative

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Effect number: 771
Description ID: 846b5d2c960c2a6bd19ed296425fc41e
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Obtained From

While wearing a Juju Mojo Mask:

  • Using a combat item.
  • Some Moxie class skills?


  • Grants the combat skill Wrath of the Trickster God
  • The intrinsic effect is lost if the Juju Mojo Mask is removed, or if Wrath of the Trickster God is invoked.
  • The intrinsic effect may be acquired multiple times per day, without any known limit. However, there is a chance that each attempt to acquire it will fail, depending on how many times Wrath of the Trickster God has been used that day. (The exact failure chance formula is not known.)

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