Gator Gamer

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Gator Gamer
Gator Gamer

You make your way to the control console for the Uncle Gator's ride.

A switch labeled 'Sluice Swishers' is currently in the ON position. Maybe that's what's stirring up so much stink in there?

Toggle Sluice Swishers

You flip the Sluice Swisher switch.

If you have the skill Dinsey Operations Expert:

You also notice a panel that, if you remember your training correctly, controls the level of guest interactivity the animatronic animals on the ride will exhibit.

It looks like they are currently set to 'Low Engagement Mode.[sic]?

Alter Audience Engagement Levels

Back to the Maintenance Hub

Occurs at Maint Misbehavin'.


  • Turning off the Sluice Swishers disables the zone's passive stench damage.
  • Changing Audience Engagement Levels from Low to High increases the attack and defense of all monsters in the zone by 20 (and therefore the HP of all monsters in the zone by 15), and increases the Monster Level multiplier from 3x to 5x.