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Pumpkinpatch 4.gif Pepperpatch 4.gif Bonegarden4.gif Beergarden7.gifWintergarden6.gif Thanksgarden7.gifGrassgarden7.gifMushgarden.gif

Each character has a space for one garden in their campground, which can contain one crop at a time. You can replace your current crop by planting another one. If you do, the new crop will have one day's worth of growth if you have not harvested your crop today, or zero day's worth if you have. In either case, you will also receive a seed packet for the old garden.

The crop in your garden increases automatically each day, and may be harvested at any time (which collects all that is available -- there is no option to take only part of a crop). If the garden is left alone for several days, special items may grow, depending on the type of crop planted in it.

After you ascend, in your new life, your garden will always have one day's worth of growth, so be sure to harvest (and switch crops, if you want) before you ascend.

The garden is not available in Bad Moon ascensions. The crops in it will still grow as normal, but you won't be able to harvest them, or even see them, until you free the king.

The following crops are available:


  • Attempting to harvest an empty garden gives the following message:
    There's nothing growing in your garden right now. Come back tomorrow.
  • If you have a snow machine in Your Workshed, you will receive this message in addition to the garden-specific one upon harvest:
    You hear the machine in your workshed randomly kick on, and when you go to investigate, you discover that it has produced some snow and ice!
Snowberries.gifYou acquire an item: snow berries
Iceharvest.gifYou acquire an item: ice harvest

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