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You've journeyed through time to a future megalopolis, and found out you're the savior of mankind, as if you didn't have anything else to do today. Apparently you're supposed to be on the lookout for the Supreme Being, and use your Ruby Rod to find elemental essences.


  • Complete the quest Hyboria? I don't even...
  • Adventure in Seaside Megalopolis until you get the adventure Extra Savior Faire and receive the Ruby Rod.
  • With the Ruby Rod equipped (or in the off-hand), adventure in Seaside Megalopolis until you've fought the following monsters. The essences will drop if you attack the monster with the rod the action after it uses its elementally aligned attack (even if the monster misses), meaning you should employ a delaying tactic similar to the Gremlins in the Frat War:
Element Disc Monster Hit message Miss message
sleaze essence of kink "Handyman" Jay Android "He pokes you with a spinning, whirring, vibrating, tubular 'appendage.'..." "He whips out a spinning, whirring, vibrating, tubular appendage..."
spooky essence of fright Space Marine "Some kind of freaky alien thing pops out of his chest! ..." "A freaky alien thing pops out of the marine's chest..."
stench essence of stench 7-Foot Dwarf Replicant "He malfunctions and spews his vile-smelling, milky-white replicant blood all over you. Gross!" "He spews vile-smelling, milky-white blood at you..."
cold essence of cold liquid metal robot "A passing hero douses the robot, and you, with liquid nitrogen..." "A passing hero douses the robot with liquid nitrogen..."
hot essence of heat Bangyomaman Warrior "He turns a crank on the side of his gun..." "He turns a crank on the side of his gun..."


  • For the Ruby Rod essence farming portion of the quest - If you have the Chilled to the Bone effect, the monster will attack the number of times each round as expected given that effect. If the final attack is an elementally aligned one, then killing will make the monster drop the appropriate essence. If the monster uses a series of attacks including one or more elementally aligned one but ending with a non-aligned attack, killing it that round will not make it drop the essence.
  • If you use macrometeorite to change what monster you are fighting, it will not be able to give you essence. Banishers and olfaction should be used instead