Fun-Guy spore

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Fun-Guy spore
Fun-Guy spore

This is a tiny fungal spore, no bigger than a flyspeck, or a bee's marble, or an ant's melon ball.

Type: potion
Effect: Mush-Mouth (11 Adventures)Muscle -100
Mysticality -100
Moxie -100

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Fun-Guy spores)
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Item number: 7430
Description ID: 182698568
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Obtained From

The Fun-Guy Mansion
Fun-Guy Playmate

When Used

Without Mush-Mouth active:

You try to take a closer look at the spore, but something surprises you and your sudden sharp intake of breath sucks the spore into your mouth.
Spore.gifYou acquire an effect: Mush-Mouth
(duration: 11 Adventures)


You can't use that 'cause you already have one in your face.


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