Frosty's frosty mug

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Frosty's frosty mug
Frosty's frosty mug

This is a frosty mug once used by a snowman who tried to mug you. But you won't have a frosty mug if you use it -- your face will light up as though you've just had a deliciously cold beverage! And you like cold beverages, don't you?

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Only one may be consumed per day

(In-game plural: Frosty's frosty mugs)
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Item number: 3324
Description ID: 636162743
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Obtained From

Exposure Esplanade

Adventure Gains

  • For beers, increases adventure and stat gains by 50%, rounded down.
  • For all other booze, increases adventure and stat gains by 30%, rounded down.

When Used

  • With no booze in inventory:
You haven't got any booze to drink. How sad for you.
You take out the empty mug, trying to decide what you want to drink out of it.

Select an item: <drop-down list of all your booze items>

Raise the glass
Try as you might, you can't seem to pick up or manipulate this mug while you're in Coldform. Ever tried to pick up something while your hand is numb? Same principle.
  • Upon choosing booze item, when 1,000 cold damage would reduce you to zero HP:
You pour your <booze> into Frosty's mug and raise it to your lips.
HPYou lose 1,000 hit points. (cold damage)

Unfortunately, you find yourself unable to drink the <booze>, because most of your lip came loose and is now stuck to the edge of the mug.

  • Upon choosing booze item otherwise:
You pour your <drink> into Frosty's mug and raise it to your lips.
HPYou lose 1,000 hit points. (cold damage)

Brisk! Refreshing! You drink the frigid <drink> and discard the no-longer-frosty mug.

AdventuresYou gain some Adventures.
You gain some Muscleboundness.
You gain some Mysteriousness.
You gain some Sarcasm.
You gain some Drunkenness.


Cold Resistance Damage Taken
1 900
2 800
3 700
4 600
5 516
6 447.2
7 389.4
8 341.1
9 300.9
10 267.4
11 239.5
12 216.3
13 196.9
14 180.8
15 167.3


  • See this forum thread for original spading.
  • The mug is not independent of Ode to Booze. Order of effects is mug, then Ode.
  • Replaces the booze's usual consumption message but preserves all other properties.
  • The 1,000 HP in cold damage is reduced by cold resistance.
  • Item is lost after use.


  • The description utilizes different meanings of the word 'mug': a large cup, to attack and rob, and a person's facial expression.


  • Prior to January 2, 2024, this item did not have a daily consumption limit.


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