Flashy Dancer

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Flashy Dancer

Flashy Dancer

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

Your Disco dancing is so refined, so next-level, so... amazing. People stand agog at your footwork. They are nonplussed by it, in the actual correct sense of that word.

When you gain Disco Momentum, your opponents will be too impressed to attack you

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 2,500 Meat
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: 7


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  • The Asymmetric team has a history of using the word "nonplussed" in the informal (North American) sense of not disconcerted; unperturbed. For examples, see Magic Shell or Dictionary. Here "nonplussed" is used in the original, formal sense of so surprised and confused that one is unsure how to react.